The V60 potato and pastries oven

/The V60 potato and pastries oven

This is the most innovative and remarkable over on the market. Never has a counter oven bee of such high quality. It guarantees exceptional cooking performance for rolls, pastries and even jacket potatoes. Its functionality is optimal, whether on the counter or behind the bar. Unique ventilated convection system ensuring complete and even cooking of the products

  • Illuminated and heated glass display compartment for 360° visibility.
  • Humidification system to prevent the pastries on display drying out.
  • 2 toughened glass doors either side of the display compartment for easy filling or for self-service.
  • Separate temperature controls for the oven and the display compartment.
  • Inner walls in food-grade stainless steel with rounded corners for easy cleaning.
  • 2 removable metal racks for easy cleaning and maximum cooking flexibility.
  • 50°-250°C thermostat and 90-minute timer with alarm.

This product breathes new life into the market, it is designed for takeaway sales and meets the requirements of snack bars, brasseries and restaurants and councils.

  • Dimensions L x W x H: 46 cm x 48 cm x 64 cm
  • Weight: 33 Kg
  • Electrical rating: 230V/2.95kW/13A
  • Total capacity**: 2 x 40 U*
  • Cooking time: ~1 H for 40 U*

* 250g potatoes/U/** Oven + Display compartment