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The Gyrdis Churros Concept is completely self-contained. Preparation, production and cooking are done in front of the customer. It is a totally safe concept: Laminated heat and fire-resistant glass, electric panel, European safety plugs (P17), extractor hoods with charcoal filters. It also features a lot of storage space.

The Gyrdis Churros concept includes production, cooking ans sales in a single location! This experience will significantly increase the volume of sales.


This cart features:

  • 1 arm, 1 fryer, 1 extractor hood
  • 1 work surface in food-grade stainless steel
  • 1 3-sided glazed enclosure
  • 1 directional light for easier bagging
  • 2 waterproof power sockets for connecting any additional appliances
  • 2 drawers and 3 neutral cupboards with locks for storage and cash
  • 4 caster wheels, including 2 with brakes

Churros cart specifications:

  • Dimensions (L1/L2 x D x H1/H2)*: 190cm/270cm x 73cm x 90cm/195cm
  • Weight: 250 kg
  • Power rating: 400V/6.8kW

* L1: without shelf/L2: with 2 shelves/H1: work surface height/H2: overall height

  • Choice of RAL colours to be specified
  • Customizable trim (provide a CD)
  • 1 or 2 lateral shelves

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