Concept for jam and ring doughnuts

/Concept for jam and ring doughnuts

The Gyrdis concept for Jam and Ring Doughnuts includes storage, proving, cooking, filling and sale in a single location!

The built-in proving cabinets (a Gyrdis innovation) avoid round trips to the lab.

  • Illuminated roof equipped with a high-speed extractor hood
  • Glazed for greater safety
  • 2 proving cabinets built into the cart
  • Electronically controlled fryer
  • 80 doughnuts per hour
  • Customizable cart decoration

This cart features:

  • A high-speed extractor hood (810 m3 per hour)
  • 2 proving cabinets each with 6 Teflon trays for a total capacity of 192 doughnuts
  • Proving time: 60 minutes at 31°C
  • Full lighting built into the roof
  • 25-litre electronically controlled doughnut fryer for perfect cooking
  • Semi-automatic turning of the doughnuts
  • Complete electric panel for optimal safety
  • 400-volt incoming cable for the cart
  • Output: 80 doughnuts per hour

Doughnut cart specifications:

  • Dimensions (L/D/H): 195 cm/80 cm/200 cm
  • Weight: 438 kg
  • Electrical rating: 400V/6.2kW/14A
  • Choice of RAL colours to be specified
  • Customizable trim (provide a CD)